Southampton Old Cemetery
Opened by Southampton
Borough Council in 1846

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St Mary Extra Cemetery
Created by St Mary Extra Parish Council in 1879

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South Stoneham Cemetery
Created by South Stoneham Parish Council in 1905

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Millbrook Cemetery
Created by Millbrook Parish Council in 1909
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Hollybrook Cemetery
Created by Southampton
Borough Council in 1913

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Southampton Crematorium
The first built in 1932,
Replaced in 1973

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Burials in Southampton Old Cemetery

This site contains summaries of much research associated with burials and memorials in Southampton Old Cemetery, so if that is your interest, stick around!

For information about individual graves and memorials in Southampton Old Cemetery, click on a letter below:


You can find:
photos of the graves
 portraits of the subjects
stories about the sunjects
drawings of the graves,
and occasionally more!.
Current counts: 375 subjects, 175 photos, 130 drawings, 57 portraits


Just a few of the fascinating tales from Southampton Cemeteries:-

Josias Torriano - buried 3 years after he died!

Mrs Nicholas wanted a Mausoleum for her son

Constroem - the insurance agent from Berlin

The spinster daughters of Black John

Watson the Yachtsman - his riches couldn’t save him

Ghastly death from superheated steam

Wolff and the Exploding ‘Tartar

The Vaults - room-sized caverns under many old memorials

Exiled dictator from Buenos Ayres arrives in Southampton

Disgraced local public figure killed on railway

Casualties from cross-channel ferry disaster

Dead from Hospital Ship sinking - Hun Atrocity

An evening boat trip ends in appalling family tragedy

Memorial to Victims of West Indian Hurricane, 1867

Cemetery Drawings:
Local artist Bernard Lavell has created a collection of drawings of memorials in Southampton Old Cemetery, and most of them may be seen by clicking here. They can be viewed individually or seen as a slide show.

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Share a Story?

Recently a gentleman in South Africa e-mailed me about his ancestor who died in the SS Hilda tragedy, and is buried in St Mary Extra Cemetery in Southampton. We were able to extend his family history considerably as a result.

Another correspondent from California wrote to me about his ancestors buried in Southampton Old Cemetery, and here again we were able to find much more about his family

Are any of your ancestors buried in this City? Why not contact me, and perhaps we can exchange stories and discover new facts about your family?


This group of local volunteers does splendid work in keeping the Old Cemetery tidy, and also researching the stories of the Cemetery and the people buried in it.

Click here to find out all about them on their web site

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