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30 May 2013

[Southampton Old Cemetery]


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CWGC candidates, Old Cemetery


Three men with graves in Southampton Old Cemetery are presently being considered as possibly meriting CWGC status.

      Albert H GILFOY Private RMLI  Q 130 036
                Died July 1919 aged 26
                No stone on his grave in Southampton Old Cemetery
                Listed on Brookwood War Memorial to those with no known grave

      The Rev. Silas W STEVENS  E 70 249
        Died 23rd October 1915 aged 61
                “For 25 years rector of St Laurence Southampton”
                Said to be an Army Chaplain at the time of his death

      Edward Philip WYKES, Lt RFC  C 177 210
      Died March 25th 1918 aged 21
                 “Who died serving his King and Country”
                 Died of leukemia
                 National Roll says he had a ‘crash