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A collection of splendid photographs taken in English cemeteries, including Southampton Old Cemetery

 T.A.G's photos

More photos of the Old Cemetery, with an artistic slant.

Titanic graves

Some photos of Titanic-related graves in the Old Cemetery and others, by David Searle.

Circular photo

and another weird photo

This site called ‘Flickr’ has some very imaginative photographs, including two from the Old Cmetery.
Click on the link below the picture and move your mouse around.

The Adams Residence 

A site with a ghoulish theme, and some good photos of the Old Cemetery among others

British War Graves 

A site accumulating photographs of all known British War Graves

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Information about Commonwealth War Graves worldwide, including photographs of War Cemeteries

Cemetery Friends

Friends of Southampton Old Cemetery

Do much good work in keeping the Old Cemetery tidy.

Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery

The FoSOC President, Professor Curl, has edited a book about this cemetery.

Friends of Glasgow Necropolis

One of the earliest public cemeteries

Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery

A Victorian Cemetery for East London


National Federation  of  Cemetery Friends

Contains further links to other British Cemetery web sites

The City of Southampton Society


Friends RSH Hospital Chapel

Friends of the Royal South Hants Hospital Chapel


The Hawthorns

The Hawthorns Urban Wildlife Centre, on Southampton Common near the Old Cemetery 

Hampshire Genealogical Society

For those with family history interests in Hampshire

The Mausolea & Monuments Trust

Go to Gazetteer, search for Southampton, and find our own ‘Nicholas Mausoleum’.

Bitterne Local History Society

A busy group with interests all over the City of Southampton as well as specialising in Bitterne history.